Other Commentators

Lest the reader here think that the ideas contained in this website represent the ravings of an isolated lunatic, there is actually a sizeable body of literature devoted to criticism of  EBM.  Literally hundreds of articles and papers. 

For many years, The Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice has published an annual thematic volume devoted  to examining the foundations of EBM.  The Editor, Andrew Miles, has been a articulate and  tenacious critic of EBM for at least 12-15 years, as far as I can tell.  Mark R Tonelli and Ross Upshur have written extensively on the “epistemology” of EBM and published numerous incisive critiques of EBM. And there are innumerable other commentators writing in a similar vein. 

No less a figure than Donald M Berwick, an accomplished and highly regarded proponent of EBM, has written about his reservations of EBM.

I do not wish to provide a comprehensive bibliography here, but an excellent place to start tracking down some of the these authors are the following issues of the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice.

Volume 18, Issue 5  (Oct 2012)

Volume 15, Issue 6  (Dec 2009) 

Volume 14, Issue 5  (Oct 2008)

So, if after perusing this website, you are still of the opinion that these are the ravings of a lunatic, you can at least be confident that they are not the ravings of an isolated lunatic.