Intellectual Property

Over the years I have been deeply influenced by many thinkers in my critique of Evidence-Based Medicine.There is, in fact, a sizeable body of literature critical of EBM.  And no doubt, I have absorbed some of their ideas and made them my own, without realizing it. That said, I have done my best to acknowledge my sources and give credit where credit is due. 

I am nonetheless confident that the lion’s share of the ideas and thoughts in this website are my own and represent original contributions to the discourse. I have worked hard to articulate the shortcomings of EBM  and tell an original and compelling narrative about why, I believe, EBM is ineffectual and misguided. It is my deepest hope that these ideas will circulate and ultimately contribute to the decline of EBM. I hope that one day we will look back on the EBM movement and wonder how we could have been so foolish.  If the ideas and story articulated in this website contributes to this, all the better. And if you, the reader, use them to help further this task, then I thank you in advance. I ask only that you please respect the intellectual effort put into this and acknowledge their intellectual origins. 


Debt to Thomas Kuhn

Anyone familiar with the writings of Thomas Kuhn will recognize the way in which I have framed this discussion. His insight and articulation of intellectual paradigms has become so pervasive that most people no longer know where it originated.  My debt to Kuhn is profound and obvious.