About Me

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am Dr. Wayne Rosen, a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Department of Surgery at the University of Calgary, Canada.  I am active as an instructor for medical students and surgical residents. For an overview of my clinical practice, please feel free to check out my clinical website: Colondoc.ca.  Or my bio at the Division of General Surgery website. Its a bit out of date, but we are updating soon.

In addition to my surgical practice, I have an MSc in Bioethics and I play an active role in teaching this within the medical school curriculum. I am also the chair of the Medical Skills course at the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary.Within bioethics, I have numerous areas of interest, but a particular interest in the ethical issues of industry sponsored medical research at academic institutions. This interest dovetails very nicely with the content of this website, as we increasingly appreciate the influence of commercial interests in medical research.


Why a website?

For a long time I have considered writing a book about this topic. And I certainly have enough material written about EBM to fill a book. However, the topic is, to say the least, rather dry and it is hard to imagine people buying, let alone reading such a book. Indeed, it is even harder to imagine a publisher taking an interest in such a book.  Besides, the surest way to stultify these ideas would be to write a well-researched academic book, which gets bought by university libraries, but ends up never being read by anyone. And besides,  there is a tendency to write enough in order to fill a book, even if the content only warrants a 10 page essay.  I have composed this website with the goal of it being dynamic, provocative and concise.