New Evidence-Based Titles


Joy of Cooking EBMThe Evidence-Based Joy of Cooking

Outstanding recipes. Your family and guests will love these recipes. Otherwise they are idiots.They are based on the latest best scientific evidence. There is not a modicum of subjectivity here. Contains the definitive metananalysis of how achieve the perfect soft-boiled egg. This opus is perfect for the cook who cannot tolerate uncertainty. Imagine you will no longer be at the whims of Julia Child or Jamie Oliver. There will no longer be any wondering whether you should have cooked your turkey 15 minutes more or less. This is a book for the serious cook.

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The Evidence-Based Joy of SexJoy of sex EBM

Spice up your sex life with this evidence-based approach to intimacy. Know for sure that your partner is pleased. Faked climaxes are a thing of the past. Your partner will have no choice but to reach the pinnacal of pleasure with this evidence-based method to lovemaking. And if he/she doesn’t, you can be sure it is not your fault. You have employed the latest, most up-to-date techniques for optimal intimacy. No more uncertainty about how long or how hard to rub him or her. No more uncertainty when  interpreting moans and other sounds of pleasure. You can get straight to business and ensure that your partner is satisfied where she/he likes it or not. 


 The Evidence-Based BibleEBM Bible

The ultimate guide to good and evil. Have you often wondered what is the evidence regarding whether to smite your neighbour or spouse? Whether you should keep slaves or not? Whether your brother or sister is a philistine at heart? These and many other challenging decisions are made easy with the best up-to-date evidence pertaining to the scriptures. Just imagine: no more ambiguity about the rapture or holy trinity or the origins of evil. No further doubts about faith. This tome provides an incontrovertible guide to correct religious belief. With this text as your guide, there is no need to acknowledge different approaches to christianity, because the Evidence-Based Holy Bible provides the indisputable and true interpretation of the scripture. . 

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