Are you serious?

One of the first questions which usually comes up is: “Hey, are you seriously suggesting that clinical research is useless and we should just give up doing it?” My response to this is an unequivocal “No”  On the contrary. We need to double down on research. But we cannot pretend that studying complex medical phenomena the way we have been studying it is actually working. Quantification is far too crude a tool.  If we think that we can quantify quality of life, quality of colonoscopy, degree of incontinence, extent of infection with any more nuance than we can slice a strawberry with a chainsaw, then we are fooling ourselves. The models and tools which we use to quantify complex medical phenomena do not make our studies objective. They just lend them a façade and veneer of objectivity.  We need to look for alternative ways of carrying out research. We need to consider other ways of carrying out research. We cannot just use the hammer of quantification on everything that moves in research.